Victory Family Centre (VFC), in co-operation with ATC, sponsors a Pastoral Leadership Program (PLP). VFC by special invitation brings to ATC’s facilities pastors and church leaders from its mission fields and associated churches around the world to give them opportunity to be involved in the ministries of VFC first hand through association with its various Regions. During this six-months program, those who come also take a series of courses and seminars designed to give them further understanding of the ministry philosophy of VFC and also to give them opportunity to develop their own giftings and ministry skills. Thus the program combines academic classes with practical work within the context of VFC Singapore Church.

The instructional part of the program utilizes ATC courses and includes some courses designed especially for the pastors and leaders, which are also available to ATC students. All PLP students who successfully participate in the program receive a certificate of completion. Also open to them is the option of earning credit with ATC toward meeting the requirements of one of its academic programs should they plan to take further studies eventually.

The PLP instructional program includes 12 courses and totals 31 credits. As noted, ATC students may also take the special PLP courses, if they so choose, and upon meeting the course requirements, apply the courses toward the elective requirements of their chosen concentrations.

GE103 Study Skills & Research Writing 3
BI222 Hermeneutics 3
EV112 Principles of Discipling 2
CM202 Essentials of A Dynamic Church 2
GE225 Principles of Effective Teaching 3
CM342 Principles of Preaching 3
CM331 Church Philosophy & Ministries 3
MI324 Missions & Church Planting 3
GE325 Principles & Dynamics of Groups 3
TH349 Purpose of the Church 3
CM450 Developing Leaders Within the Church 3
CM360 Principles of Church Leadership 3
Total Credits 34