This Missions Pastor Training Program (MPTP) is designed for the equipping of a Missions Pastor (MP) who has been selected to lead a Gideonite church planting team. Sponsored by VFC and is conducted in cooperation with ATC, the program precedes and continues with the Gideonite Training Program (GTP), it starts four months prior to the GTP II and continues through the three months. In this program the qualities, responsibilities and roles of the MP are identified and discussed. The program consists of six two-credit courses as listed below. The entire series of courses requires three hundred clock-hours of time. The MPTP is built upon other biblical, theological and practical foundation studies offered by ATC or a comparable institution. While no specific set of courses is required, VFC assumes it will select mature and experienced ministers to participate as MP’s who have had previous training. (Registration is by VFC’s invitation only.)


The program objectives are:

  • To provide the MP with a clear understanding of VFC’s vision and commitment to world missions and the church planting principles it follows.
  • To equip the MP to effectively lead a church planting team.
  • Those who complete the program of instruction receive twelve credits and are awarded a certificate in Missions Pastor Training.
MI300 The Mission Pastor and His Personal Life 2
MI301 The Mission Pastor and His Team 2
MI302 The Role of the Mission Pastor 2
M1303 The Mission of the Mission Pastor 2
MI304 The Mission Pastor and his Public Relations 2
MI305 The Mission Pastor and His Family 2
Total Credits 12